Halfling Testimonials

Driving into Halfling for the first time, we could not believe the beauty of the property…a welcoming sight…and thinking maybe we could spend time there too – sort of a bed and breakfast for pets and owners! Indeed the beautiful acreage that greeted us on that initial visit was welcoming, but what continues to impress us most is the caring, careful being of Alix.  She was thorough and careful to determine if her home was a good fit for our beloved rescue dog Teo. While her screening process was rigorous – her questions were comprehensive and searching (that gave us great confidence) – her relationship with all the dogs, hers and her “visitors”, was warm and calm. From Teo’s initial visiting experience, Alix has been understanding of the ”special” needs of this very nervous mother. I really was a basket case leaving our new-found treasure. Even telephone conversations with Alix during the next few days did little to lessen my anxieties. I was eventually calmed by a video arriving with Teo playing happily with other dogs – big dogs, medium dogs, her own Cavaliers, one of whom has become his “girlfriend”. That was the first of many accommodations Alix made for us. He sleeps on his own bed in her living room. Four years and 15 visits later, we continue to appreciate both Alix and the relationship she has established with Teo. Every effort is made to accommodate our coming and going schedules that have been tricky due to the nature of our work as well as the tentativeness of our holiday plans. Previous to finding Halfling, we had visited 8 facilities somewhat proximate to our home but none felt “right” for Teo or for us. So we continue to travel 2 ½ hours each way – over the river and through the woods to Alix’s house we go – to bring Teo to his home away from home. Most assuredly, Teo has changed our lives and so has Alix!                                                                    ~ Lynda Blankenship,  Rensselearville, NY

Our Goldens, Luke and Lucy, are very spoiled and have never been in a kennel.  When we lost our dog/house sitter and wanted to start travelling more extensively, we did not know what we were going to do as we did not think they would do well in a kennel.  Luckily, I saw a flyer for Halfling B&B at the vet and we called Alix and scheduled an initial meeting with her.  The set-up with the house and large fenced in yard makes a perfect home away from home for the dogs.  Fortunately, our dogs behaved at the initial meeting, and Alix agreed to take then the next time we were away.  Luke and Lucy were obviously apprehensive on their first visit, but Alix made them feel at home.  Now, when get packed and ready for our next trip and say to the dogs, “Let’s go see Alix”, they get all excited and run for the car.  It is great to be able to go on a trip and know that the dogs are well taken care of and enjoying their stay at Halfling B&B.  Thanks Alix!     ~ Hale & Karen Cochran, South Burlington, VT

The ‘girls’ Barlow & Bama just love going to visit Alix!  And it makes me feel better about leaving them knowing they are happy and well cared for. It is extremely important to feel confident that their needs will be met in a very humane way. I never hesitate to refer friends to Alix for boarding!!      ~ Julane & The Girls, Manchester, VT

I love leaving my two rescue dogs, Bebe and Walli, with Alix!  Bebe is very social and Alix’s place is set up in such a way that she and her “sister” can really run around and play. I have total confidence in Alix’s ability to care for my girls given her background. She wants the dogs to interact and she pays careful attention to their health, which is reassuring to me. She is very patient – you would have to be, wangling all those personalities!  And I love that she is willing to pick up or drop off dogs!  I can’t recommend her enough.  ~  Mariah, Manchester, VT

Last summer we needed to get away for a few days and our concern was leaving our 14 year old Doxie Lucky at the kennel. Being an older dog, we were concerned for his well being. I happened upon an ad in the paper for Halfling B & B. I called Alix and we set up a meeting that week. After our first meeting with Lucky and Alix, we were VERY happy to have found her! A week later Lucky came to stay for a few days. She made Lucky feel right at home and took him under wing as if he was her own. It was a good test for a few nights because we were going away in the Fall for an extended period of time. After the first stay, we were totally confident that Lucky was in the BEST hands with Alix. Fall arrived and Lucky went to stay with Alix. He had become a little more frail since the last visit but Alix assured us he would be fine. She has a wonderful vet on call if any problems should arise. Lucky went off like a kid going to kindergarten. Alix was a godsend for Lucky and for us. We had complete confidence in Alix! He did have a problem and Alix made immediate contact with us. Thanks to her attention, love, and caring, Lucky was seen by her vet, got the necessary treatment, and was on the road to recovery. Thanks to Alix he survived! Had he been at a regular kennel, he might not be here today. Thank you Alix! You are the best babysitter anyone could ask for! Lucky really loves you! And so do we!!                ~ Karin and Joe, Manchester, VT

Our dog Mac has been enjoying his getaways at Alix’s B&B.  Mac is one of the ‘bigger’ dogs at Alix’s and he enjoys playing with his many friends there.  It is great that the dogs have such a nice big yard in which to play.  He also really enjoys the nice warm home in which to unwind.  We are so glad to have found this special place.
~   Kathy, Steve and Emery, Middletown Springs, VT

I was so fortunate to find Alix’s flyer for Halfling B&B at my local acupuncture’s office.  I have two dogs, brother and sister boxer lab mix.  Sophie does not do well in a regular kennel.  She is a high strung sensitive girl, and Buddy is easy going.  I wanted to be able to board them together, as I thought it would make the stay easier on Sophie.  We had an initial meeting with Alix and her wonderful set up….house…two acres fenced for wandering, sniffing, stick collecting and otherwise fun times.  I was immediately put at ease by Alix’s vast experience with dogs, and her knowledge and attention to the specific needs of her house guests.  She makes sure that all the guests get along, and she supervises their playtime so everyone is happy.  Alix and her Halfling B&B are now Sophie and Buddy’s home-away-from-home when we travel and can’t take them with us.  I am happy to report that they both come back to us tired and happy every time.  Thanks Alix.  ~ Renata Pilato, Granville, NY

Halfling is the best home away from home one could ever find for your dog and it’s not just because of the beautiful country setting, the big fenced in yard, or the secure environment.  What really makes Halfling so wonderful is Alix!  She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and goes way beyond any typical dog boarding place.  The dogs who stay are friendly and they know that they can count on a routine.  My dog, Ginger, is a 13 year old lab with arthritis who has been under Alix’s care for extended periods and has thrived.  I know I can count on Alix to be sure she gets her meds and help her to get around as needed.  On top of that, it is so reassuring to receive emails and photos of my dog when I am away.  Alix has even taken her for acupuncture treatment.  It is very evident that Ginger has received tender loving care because she is well and happy when we get her back and seems happy to return there as well. Although my dog is not as active as she used to be, she gets entertained by all the other dogs!  Alix is even willing to pick up your pet or deliver her back. I highly recommend Halfling!  ~  Brenda Altman, Bondville, VT

If you want to go away and not have to give a second thought to the love and care your dog will get, Alix is the one for you.  We have been boarding our dogs with her for 18 years.  She instantly gets their personalities and gives them what they need.  What is wonderful to see is how she is truly delighted with the uniqueness of each four legged that comes through her door.    ~ J. Burden, Pawlet, VT

When my daughters were little, I would occasionally leave them with my mother. I always felt when they were with her that I could go and enjoy myself without a second thought, since she would take care of them as well as – -perhaps even better than — I could myself. I have that very same feeling when I leave my Cavalier with Alix. Not only will Bisou get excellent care, but she will have a good time. It helps to make vacation more enjoyable, if one knows that one’s dog is having fun too. ~ Lali Cobb, West Pawlet, VT

Prior to our two puppies’ first stay at Halfling, Alix encouraged a pre-stay visit which created a time for Gizmo and Lilly to get to know Alix, as well as her beautiful dogs. Alix creates a home-away-from-home atmosphere and really listens when you share the needs of your dogs. She is totally dedicated and strives to give personal attention to each dog. My dogs are looking forward to their next month-long visit in October. ~ MaryJane and Nick Ihasz, Danby, VT

Thank you Alix! My dogs love you, and I love you for making it possible for me to travel with complete peace of mind that my dogs are well taken care of.  Your pet sitting service in your home is unlike any other – it’s like a camp for my dogs while I’m away.  ~  K. Rarick, Ira, VT

We purchased a lovely Cavalier puppy from Alix last year.  Our vet and I had discussed my interest in the breed.  She told me that if I ever wanted to proceed, she recommended I get in touch with Alix due to her attention to health and care of her Cavaliers.  Our vet was absolutely right – Alix’s dog household gets the best of care.  We also board our Cavalier with Alix.   She takes her responsibility for her boarder’s safety and happiness very seriously.  She goes beyond what one would normally expect from any level of custom boarding.  This is not an absentee, in-the-crate boarding operation.   Quite the opposite – boarders are treated as if they are members of her dog family.  What more could anyone ask for?  ~ Joanne, West Rupert, VT

My cavaliers, Cooper, Toby and Bentley, love to go to “sleep away camp” at Alix’s.  It is the best of both worlds. More cavalier’s to play with, and loads of comfy places to nap in.  Cooper has his favorite cozy chair, Bentley loves the windowsill perch, and Toby flops in a puppy pile on the dog bed.  Alix has a big fenced yard for the dogs to romp around in under her watchful eye.  Of course the best is Alix’s gentle, loving, reassuring company (and lap) throughout the day.  When day is done, they snuggle into their very own familiar crate for bedtime.  Alix creates a secure and relaxed environment for the dogs, not just with her demeanor, but also with consistent structure and routine throughout the day.  Jeb and I also really appreciate the email updates and pictures when we are far from our pups.  We highly recommend Halfling.  We can relax on vacation knowing our dogs are happy and well cared for.  ~  Kate Ebbott, Manchester, VT

Daphne is a young and energetic Australian shepherd who enjoys constant engagement. Since we are away frequently, we feel lucky to have found Alix and Halfling, her B&B for dogs. Alix and her spaniels provide a fun and safe place for Daphne to “vacation” when we are away. It is always quite evident on our return that she has enjoyed her stay immensely. We’re quite grateful for the high level of care and personalized attention that Alix provides for all of her charges. ~ Hugh and Bud, Middletown Springs, VT

Fred would rather be running at Halfling than just about anywhere in the world. He loved spending a lot of this summer running outdoors and sleeping indoors with Luna and her siblings.

~  Merci, Eileen Mann, Dorset, VT

Our beardie, Annie, has found a home away from home.  It is so terrific knowing that she is safe and happy and romping with all of Alix’s great dogs while we are away.  What a wonderful camp!!
~  Cynthia and Elliott, Arlington, VT

Alix is one of the few people I have met who truly understands dogs.  She knows what they need and she has put a huge amount of thought and effort into providing an environment that is comfortable, safe, and fun for the dogs that she takes in.  Our chocolate lab, Stella, is a very sensitive dog who does not like change and being separated from her family, yet she thrived at Alix’s and was happy and in great shape when we picked her up.  Having experienced the care that Alix provides, we would never consider leaving Stella anywhere else when we travel.  ~ Sandy and Bruce Bove, Brandon, VT