Answers to your dog’s most frequently asked questions:

Yes – you will be fed.  You will get exactly the same food that you get at home and at approximately the same time.  You may have to wait your turn, because each of you gets to eat separately (or with your own household siblings). You may be impatient about that, and even think that your turn should be first, but I promise you will have your turn.

Yes – you will be able to go outside when you need to.  Once I know your personal schedule, I will even try to anticipate your need.

Yes – You will like the others here.  Everyone is friendly and willing to make new friends.

Yes – You will be able to play if you want to.  If you’d rather nap on the couch all day, you can do that instead.  It’s sort of like camp here:  I don’t want you to stay in the “cabin” all day, so I will encourage you to get outside in the fresh air and exercise.  I promise I won’t make you stay outside any longer than you want/need to.  If you prefer to have a quiet spot of your own, you shall have it.

Yes – you can bring your favorite bed from home and even a favorite toy, if you are willing to share.

Yes – I will do my very best to insure your safety and peace of mind.