Halfling Approach

In home boarding and doggie day careBefore you leave your dog at Halfling for the first time, I will schedule a time for you to visit so we can meet and have the opportunity to ask and answer questions.  This meeting will help us both to determine whether Halfling is an appropriate home-away-from-home for your dog.  It will also allow me to learn about your dog and his individual likes and dislikes, thus enabling me to make his stay here as comfortable as possible.

When your dog comes to stay, I ask that you bring his or her own food and any supplements or medications, with written instructions for times and amounts, along with any information regarding your dog’s daily routine that you feel is important for me to know.  All dogs, and particularly older ones, benefit from maintaining their own familiar schedule as much as possible.  In addition, although there are plenty of beds to share here, your dog may prefer to have his own bed or crate.

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What folks say

“Your pet sitting service in your home is unlike any other – it’s like a camp for my dogs while I’m away.”
by K. Rarick