About Alix

Experienced, insured, In-home boarding and dog daycareI have been involved with dogs all my life.  I started training and showing my own dogs at obedience trials in 1974.  I moved to Vermont in 1978 to work at Seaward Kennel in Pawlet, which at that time was the largest and oldest Newfoundland kennel in the country.  From 1983 until 1988, I had my own (conventional) boarding kennel, first in Pawlet and then here in Middletown Springs.  I showed, trained, and occasionally bred my own dogs, including Siberian huskies, Kuvaszok, Scottish deerhounds, and, since 1990, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.   I have extensive experience living with and supervising multiple dogs.  I am fully insured.

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What folks say

“I love you for making it possible for me to travel with complete peace of mind that my dogs are well taken care of. Your pet sitting service in your home is unlike any other”
by K Rarick