In-Home Dog Boarding in Vermont

Here at Halfling, visiting dogs live as guests in my home in the company of my own and other visiting dogs.  I treat each dog as a unique and special individual, taking into consideration each one’s needs, personality, abilities, and energy level.

Your dog will be supervised at all times and receive attention, affection, and access to securely fenced yards for play and exercise.  If your dog prefers naps instead of play, he or she is welcome to spend the day on the couch.  I do my best to ensure that your dog is not only safe and having his physical needs met, but his emotional and companionship needs as well.  The environment at Halfling is very different from that found at a conventional boarding kennel.

There have been Cavalier King Charles Spaniels living at Halfling since 1990.  Currently there are four here.  The name Halfling, synonymous with Hobbit, comes from J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels, and is a registered affix with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club – USA.  Like Halflings, Cavaliers are small, averaging 15 lbs, have silky feathering on their feet, and are playful, affectionate, and friendly.  Halfling Cavaliers are accustomed to and welcome the company of visiting dogs of all sizes.


A Summer Group

There were some other dogs hanging around and walking in and out of the photo, but five of them did very well on a sit/stay.

Bebe crop

Good Morning

  Good morning everyone.  Time for breakfast!        

Winter 2013


No – not the season we are all sick of and gratefully waving goodbye to.  I’m talking about a dog named Winter.  She’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of a certain age.  Winter’s owner died last spring, and in spite [...]

What folks say

“[Alix] goes beyond what one would normally expect from any level of custom boarding.”
by Repeat Client


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